Why I accepted the responsibility  of :

Campaign Manager:

Many are called but few are chosen”


I met “Sgt Mark Milligan” (at the time) in 2003 while working for Baton Rouge Police Department.  I was stationed at 2nd district morning shift, he was one of the evening shift Supervisor’s opposite my shift.  I would see him every there Friday as shift change, but I knew all about him the day he accepted the position.  He was the most talked about supervisor who was know for “putting paper on you”, a term used to describe “writing an officer up, proper documentation and being detailed”.  It wasn’t until years later I would fully understand why certain officers fled, when his unit hit the parking lot.  Our initial encounter wasn’t a pleasant one, simply because he questioned my uniform, my equipment and the location of my weapons.  He was not my supervisor, and as a rookie officer working the desk, I felt he over stepped.  I was wrong, he was doing what every “Supervisor should” and that is “Proper Supervision of an Officers”.

“A chance encounter turned into a divine appointment”

He transferred, then retired prior to my accident and my departure from Baton Rouge Police Department. Years would pass and in 2008 I was visiting my CPA/Accountant and I ran into Mr. Milligan again. That my injury among other things swiftly ended my career, and I worked in Real Estate Full-time, owned my Brokerage firm and was the CEO of a Joshua & Caleb Community Development (JCCD).  He requested a meeting to find out how he could help me.  I assumed I would work with Mr. Milligan from that very meeting, I did not.  He gave me several job assignments to complete, and time frame to complete them. After I delivered all the information he requested, immediately he became my Mentor in Real Estate Investments. The majority of my career as a Real Estate Broker, I worked primarily for investors under his tutelage.

His Law enforcement experience and his expertise in Real estate spans 30 years. He taught me how my experience as a Law enforcement professional could perfect ever area of my life, that made me a better Entrepreneur and forced me to think “outside the box”.  He always pushed me to do more, I thought I had arrived. I truly believe without him as my mentor, my firm would not have survived the Real Estate market tanking, we are 1 of a few double minority firms that still exist.

In addition to mentoring me in Real Estate Investments and working primarily for investors, he has also become the most consistent contributor to Joshua & Caleb Community Development.  His leadership and consistency behind the scenes afforded us the opportunity to maximize our donations, and better serve the community.  In 2008 Joshua and Caleb community Development launched is “Building Community Resilience” Program.  In partnership with Louisiana Recovery Corp and The American Red Cross, we provided free community events for the public.  These events varied in nature and were all family-oriented events.  We received grant funding for some events, however the need in the community far exceeded the allocated funding. It was my responsibility to seek individuals to assist us in securing additional funding resources to address those needs.  In partnership with prominent business owners of the community we meet needs that others simply over looked

“What you do in secret God will reward you openly”

He truly takes care of the community without accepting credit for what he does.  I later found out that I was not the only small business owner that he assisted.  The list was long then and is even longer today.  He came up with the most productive ways of making sure “we earned our keep”.  For example, if we needed print work, he mentored the owners of the printing press and requested I use them for my print work.  Those are the elements that small business thrives on, we must be in a situation to help others.  It’s a part of the formula that grows communities, “If we must spend the marketing dollars, lets put them right back into the businesses that support the community and pay taxes in our parish”.

Mr. Milligan has supported JCCD in many ways, if there was a cause or a need close to his heart or he wanted to address, we would be the organization to full-fill that.  “Balance the scales”, is one of his many sayings, communities should grow together.  His strategy for building business owners and community has been spread throughout this city, by ways of individuals he mentored, and he will be behind the scenes working at every event.  You will not find him out front accepting credit, you will find him working as if he’s and employee, or volunteer.

We have thousands of photos, of our community events over the years, I personally had to go through all the footage to find him. 

Purchasing and providing food for free meals (for families and the homeless)

Donating Suits for young men to wear to work, dress properly and suits to wear to court.

Suits for the deceased, and men to wear to their father funeral.

Hosting and teaching “The Benefits of Real Estate Ownership”.

Furniture for families

Paid utility bills for clients

Purchased and donated Medical Equipment to a hospital in Ghana, through local Missionaries

Going to the hospital to sit with, and care for terminally ill patients.

Teach financial planning and investment seminars.

Caring for the elderly (1 lady he has contributed to her once a month for over 25 years).

Covering the cost of weekly bible study and attending to strengthen his knowledge of the Word.

Assisted a single mom in becoming a Real Estate Investor

Supported Scotlandville Hornets Varsity Football team 2018-2019

In 2009 14 young men from the Sherwood Forest area, launched their nonviolence movement “Treasure your life Cherish your future”, after the Murder of one of the young men they grew up with. It was there responsibility to organize the event, canvas the neighborhood and invite the community to get involved.  Their event was a huge success. That event turned into weekly activities in the Sherwood forest area that the community could attend for free, more importantly it kept the young children involved and they had something to look forward to.  JCCD facilitated those events in partnership with consist donors, local business owners, public speakers and servants.  It was the largest, multicultural, all-inclusive denominational event.

In 2014 in Partnership with Johnnie Domino Productions we produced “The Darkside, Why must Scotlandville Die”.  It’s a inside look at how our Parish is so close, but underserved area is neglected. If gives a vivid image of traveling from the south side of Florida Blvd to the North side of Florida blvd.  In the capital city that was once listed as “1 of the top 4 places to live”.

In 2017, Mr. Milligan assisted a local play writer, in bringing his script to the big stage.  He founded “A Stage Play productions”.  A production company that supports local talent. “A Love like this” gave local artist the ability to showcase their talent and the beginning of living their dreams.  97% of the cast, Production staff, vendors and volunteers were all from Baton Rouge.  Some resumed their regular jobs afterwards, others have gone on to star in movies, record music and furthered their career.  Mr. Milligan consistently pushes me outside the box.  I held all auditions, talent searches, edited the script, directed, produced and worked the entire process on his behalf. 

Those are a few of the projects that My companies, Staff members and committed volunteers have worked on.  We will introduce you to the “Heart of the Man” we seek to be elected as Sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish.

When and if you find all the people he has helped over the years, you will also find out that what he does is from the heart.  I used the term “if and find” simply because as he continues to bless people , he make sure they understand “Don’t thank me, thank God”, “God knew what you needed, and used me to provide it, give him the glory not me”. “There’s only 1 perfect man that walked this earth, and that’s God, I do what he entrusts me to, through my savior Jesus Christ”.  Often times he’s in the room with individuals who received the blessing or in need of one and my order are “Do not tell them where it’s coming from”.  I’ve always respected his wishes up to this point.

“Let another Praise you”.

The time has come where the community can attest to what he has done for them, as a regular retired officer, who has a heart for the EBR.  He’s committed to serve the people and rebuild EBR back to the self-sufficient entity it once was, in ALL areas.  Where all areas get an equal opportunity, where offenders can be safe as they repay their debt to society and be rehabilitated to productive citizens.


As a life long resident of East Baton Rouge parish, knowing what was provided in the community where I was raised as a child, knowing the opportunities we had as teenagers and the mentoring we received as young adults, we need those times and people now more than ever.  We must rewind the times and teach our children the life skills and trades we learned in addition to their education.  Re direct their attention so the they can be the business owners, Doctors, Lawyers, Statesmen and skilled workers of the future.  No time is like the present.


This isn’t a task I woke up one day and decided to do.  As a mother of four young men, two who have had their encounters with Law Enforcement, I’m fully aware of the problems that exist.  From being a shooting victim to a former Baton Rouge Police officer and a voting tax paying citizen, It’s the least I can do for my grandchildren.  Make the sacrifice to make the streets safe for them, be a part of the change and lead the charge.  We have made national news for all the wrong reasons.  The Sherriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Parish. The office of Sheriff has the ability to investigate, and basically right the wrongs we have seen.  The office of the Sheriff has the ability and the responsibility to lead the entire parish in a prosperous direction.  We see where we are, we felt where we have been now it is our time to exceed the expectations, change the narrative and the direction.


“Charity begins at home”

Change begins with one small task accepting that “We the People” is truly “the people deciding who lead them”, the people choosing who represents them and the people holding the official they elect responsible.  This is a race being ran for us, and will be won by us.

On your MARK get ready go VOTE MILLIGAN