I am Mark Milligan (D), a lifelong resident of East Baton Rouge Parish and a local businessman. I attended schools from as far north as Northwestern Elementary to as far south as LSU.  The United States Constitution’s first three words - “WE THE PEOPLE” – affirms that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens.  “WE THE PEOPLE” representation has faded, and MUST be restored.  Government must be answerable to the people.


I am running for the office of Sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish because the administration MUST change the course of the direction in which our parish is moving.  The current state of affairs in our parish is concerning.  CHANGE starts at the TOP.  I am prepared to assume this challenge and responsibility for the future of our parish.

I was employed by the Baton Rouge Police Department for over 23 years with command experience.  I have been retired from the Department for over 14 years.  As a community member, businessman and former Law Enforcement professional, I am fortunate to have a “bird’s eye” view of law enforcement’s and citizens’ needs.

We should first seek to educate, not incarcerate our children; preserve and strengthen our communities, to safeguard our future.  




The future of our parish is at stake.  The MANDATORY objective of law enforcement is to “SERVE AND PROTECT”.  With your support, I am the candidate to accomplish this objective.  Together, WE THE PEOPLE of East Baton Rouge Parish will thrive. 


He Has a Plan